Playfully Catch Sunshine With Suncatchers

Wooden Objects Decorated With Crystal

This is a family business that deals with items made of special wood and special crystal. If you want to please someone with a beautiful gift, which you can find to be handmade, with a beautiful crystal.

Suncatchers is a beautiful wood made of Irish wood and Asfour crystals. The crystal when in sunlight looks beautiful and illuminates your walls with rainbow colors, which makes it specific and romantic. Give your loved one stone like this in our form, together with a special Irish tree, which is special, different, tender. Also, this kind of gift can be given for the anniversary of your love, marriage, wedding, birthday, for any special occasion, or for no reason if you want to please your loved one or a friend.


We can engrave a message on a tree, or engrave a date, a sentence, a verse. The size and width depending on your will, and the message. We make these items exclusively by hand, and we give all our attention when we make them. In our shops, you can find different shapes of objects, and we are sure that one will catch your eye. The crescent shape, concentric rings, irises, leaves, or horseshoes can delight one person, for no reason at all. If you are a fan of this compound, you can find us on the website, and so find our store in the city, or order directly.

Suncatchers are a nice sign of attention from a person you like or who means something to you. The crystal will make that person happy, because it is special and not so easy to find. It is different from others and the person will feel special.